The trigger!

At times silent persons are loud with their thoughts. Most of these thoughts end up only with the bearer of them of which is a pity to those who are intrigued with such thought provoking reflections of reason. This triggered me to ask myself “Why not capture and share one’s day-to-day self-motivational thought provoking ideas?”

In 2012 at the start of my work career abroad in the Netherlands, I kept adding a flavor of my perspective to life’s encounters. Making up quotes that triggered others to pause and think, really excited me. It reminded me of my Philosophy years whereby any opportunity to have a philosophical debate was grabbed in order to entertain the mind.

After hearing some of my quotes being used in various occasions, it motivated me to ensure that there is a platform available to capture these quotes.

This was the birth of this library of some of the sayings that I came up with during various situations and conversations.

After the birth of our daughters Olivia and Nuria, my purpose changed into recording sets of my perspective of various aspects within experiences and thoughts. This way they get to hopefully understand bits and pieces of my mind as well as have a reference to visit in case of longing for daddy’s advice.

With this in mind, this remains family property and it’s up to our daughters on how, when and to whom to make available.

I do realize that some of my quotes may already be in existence prior to my awareness or said differently, but this is just a window into my mind’s perspective.


Why Oloosophy!

The name Oloosophy originate from two words; Oloo and Sophy.

  1. Oloo:
    • Our family Sir name.
    • The origin of the name is from the Luo tribe of Kenya having the equivalence meaning of the name “Adam”.
    • The name Adam is the same as the noun אדם (‘adam), which is used to mean man(kind) in the sense of a creature made from earth
  2. Sophy:
    • Also written as Sophie.
    • Sophie is the diminutive of Sophia meaning Wisdom.
  3. Oloosophy:
    • The combination of the two names depicting the “Wisdom of Oloo”.
    • Olivia Sophie Oloo: a combination of her Sir name and middlename.